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Table of commitments with delivery timescales


S001Consider professional assurance approval for campaigns which run across more than one financial year from April 2022
S002Re-establish GCS Board by June 22
S003Raise the bar on spending controls to be more assertive in using spending controls to improve the quality of campaigns and join up with other departments from May 2022
S004Articulate the remit and responsibility of the campaign SRO role by July 2022
S005Develop a monthly research and insight report for the key planks of the annual Government Communication Strategy by July 2022
S006Establish a central Strategy and Planning function within GCS, this function will by October 2022:
– Develop one systematic process for monitoring and reporting on campaigns, including standardised approaches to data collection and consistent measurement, which gives Ministers confidence in delivery and impact
S007Restructure and reduce the size of the central GCS team at the Cabinet Office with a focus on strategy and coordination, standards and capability, and expert and shared services by October 2022
S008Establish a new GCS External Advisory Board by October 2022
S009Draft a Crisis Communications improvement plan including the development of a toolkit to include consideration of crisis contracts and playbook by March 2023
S010Introduce a new funding model based on the principle that core No10/Cabinet Office activity should come from core funding, mandatory professional development activity should be funded by the marketing levy/a per FTE charge, and GCS should charge for discretionary expert/ shared services by April 2023

Innovation and Improvement

S011We will conduct an annual data collection across GCS community to include:
– FTE/role data
– Location
S012Review add refresh of propriety guidance, to include:
– Clarification on how to raise a concern by October 22
– Annual mandatory training by April 23
– Updating of guidance to incorporate ethical use of new technology by October 24
S013Reform, simplify and digitise the PASS process by March 2023
S014Use our data to target and support departments and ALBs to drive efficiencies through functional standards starting in 2022/23, and completing by March 2025.
S015Develop a secondments action plan by March 2024
S016Establish a virtual ‘GCS Innovation Lab’ by October 2022
S017Publish a GCS Innovation Strategy by October 2023
S018Create an enhanced No10 digital communications hub to provide strategic direction by June 2022 and set best-practice for GCS digital communications by December 2022
S019Update the GCS evaluation framework to include stronger standards for evaluating digital content by April 2023
S020Update the Modern Communications Operating Model and Government Communications Service Functional Model by March 2023 so that it includes design principles for digital content teams.
S021Publish a GCS Data Strategy by March 2024

Great People

S022Develop a new GCS and SCS induction approach by March 2023
S023Review and consolidate core professional frameworks and guidance by March 2023, including:
– all leadership and capability frameworks for GCS SCS Leaders to align with L&D expectations
– the Modern Comms Operating model, competency framework and Functional standard
S024Review and publish a new D&I action plan by March 2023
S025Create and publish a GCS location strategy by March 2023 with a target for the number of GCS roles to be based outside of London by 2025
S026Enhance the GCS curriculum in line with outputs from the Future Communicator project, wider skills data, create an accreditation model, establish the feasibility of putting in place an online learning management system by December 2023, with the model fully implemented by March 2025
S027Develop a model leadership objective for GCS leaders aligned with their role in delivering this strategy (for use in performance year 22/23) by April 2022
S028Develop a bi-annual SCS leadership event – with the first event focussing on the delivery of this strategy from Summer 2022
S029Following work on skills under commitment S027, commence the development of a new GCS people brand that a new GCS people offer including a new outreach programme is in place by March 2025
S030Review existing talent programmes (including diversity programmes) and develop a new talent and succession planning strategy to be in place by March 2024

Last updated 8 June 2022